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R-SIM Air 2 Unlock Card For4 S/5/5C/5S iOS:6.X-7.1.1-7.X (Sprint+N)

  • R-SIM Air 2 Unlock Card For4 S/5/5C/5S iOS:6.X-7.1.1-7.X (Sprint+N)
  • R-SIM Air 2 Unlock Card For4 S/5/5C/5S iOS:6.X-7.1.1-7.X (Sprint+N)
  • R-SIM Air 2 Unlock Card For4 S/5/5C/5S iOS:6.X-7.1.1-7.X (Sprint+N)
Model No.︰R-SIM Air 2
Brand Name︰R-SIM RSIM
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰10 pc
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Product Description

R-SIM Air 2 Unlock Card For4 S/5/5C/5S iOS:6.X-7.1.1-7.X (Sprint+N)

R-SIM Air 2 Unlock Card 

RSIM Air 2 Unlock Card 

R-SIM Air 2  

RSIM Air 2 


R-SIM AIR 2 introduction: 

 R-SIM AIR 2 is the best solution for iOS7.1.1-7.X. From popping activation pattern to automatically unlock after choosing the carrier;  From complex unlock steps to easy steps,fast search and stable signal, it is currently the most perfect unlock card in the world.
It is the first one to unlock the iOS 6.X-7.1.1-7.X of Sprint perfectly in the world;  the first one to equip with the perfect solution for iOS7.1(Don't popping up activation screen, Internet works well); also the first one which could be general used iOS7.1.1 of iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S. With the best quality and the lowest price, the R-SIM Air 2 will change the unlock industry.  The development of R-SIM witnesses lots of FIRST in the unlock industry.  Choosing R-SIM brand, means choosing the win-win cooperation. And we sincerely welcome you to join!

In case of being cheated, please read it before buy film unlock cards:
The first: Customer is cheat by the some so-called cheap unlock card in the market.

1.the cheap price means unstable quality and low the qualification rate.
2. it is a counterfeit without any technology research and development costs.
3.the low price material,packaging counterfeit,at the same time ,no stable selling office in the market. Are you willing to buy this products?We believe that you'll be wise.If you buy 10 products ,3 broken ones, even more,it means you pay for 10 products and just get 7. You will lose a lot ,even lose customers.

However, brand R-SIM is really good,independent research and development product,independent technical team,lots of the stable sales outlets, the national intellectual property patents technology, and the only regular products in the unlock market.You can buy it ,don't worry about after sales and product sales.

The second: some unknown and inferior brand, with the so called sophisticated and stable program, deceiving the consumers. 

1.the program and video have problems. The video shows that it is easy to operate , and do not popping activation. But the fact is just the opposite.
2.the complicated jump activation problems and the complex operation. After-sale service and detailed instructions are not found, or even the sellers. The result is the customers suffer the pain. 
3. the updating of the program is just the copies of others' new products. They do not even have a technician actually.
Can you truly accept this film unlock card with the so called stable program. R-SIM brand owns a professional team which is good at unlocking. We will offer the best guidance and favor once you have any questions.

 The third; the unknown and inferior unlock card brand, said they have more than decades of years' experience in unlocking market. This is a lie.

1. The unlocking market is a serving market for the famous brand with high sales. Everyone knows the history of the brand.
2. The so called new brand film unlock card said they owned long history of development. But the truth is that they are just the OEM of some other famous brand(such as some unknown brand told the customers that they are the branch of sim card and X-SIM. Actually they do not have any strength in fact. You can have a detail comparison of the circuit board. If you know the source of it, why don't you go directly to the source?)
3. Changing the packing, or even the website is just the copies of others. They are really good at copying. Such so-called brand, are you willing to cooperate with them? Answers are NOPE for sure.
4. They told us that they own a professional unlocking team for years. But we never heard about them. Where did they come from?
I think you know the information below: R-SIM is a famous brand with long history of development. 

The fourth: Someone, a less known and inferior brand,use old packaging of SIM9PRO to deceive consumer by changing brand and keywords.

1.With packaging of SIM9PRO,changing product logo and printing,there is no quality assurance as a new brand.The fact is that someone deceives consumers by brand R-SIM.
2.The someone who counterfeits R-SIM9PRO is unreliable.
3.They always counterfeit other brand and disrupt the market price, collective interests.
R - SIM updated every product packaging will inform consumers on the site. Each generation of product designs by patent designer.

The fifth: some less known and inferior brand is sending out false information to disrupt the market price of the win-win cooperation.

1.Some less known and inferior brand have no sales and technology research and development strength,  often sending out false information, so that the unlock card price fall and spawn agency a great number of economic loss.
2.At the same time, the online agency lost orders and old customers,even dispute with old customers. For personal interests,damaging the affection between agency and customers.
3.Sending out false information, so that they can sell their unlock card by OEM. Are you willing to buy such products?
Like that less than a year of website and no any professional technology. I believe that you don't need it.

Last, if you need to buy the unlock cards, the famous R-SIM sincerely welcome you to join. Now it's a society which pay much attention to service. Selling unlock cards equals to selling services. R-SIM, which offers most professional service, reasonable price, and best cost efficient. The choice is yours, choosing R-SIM as a partner means choosing the win-win cooperation .


Price Terms︰FOB Guangzhou
Payment Terms︰T/T , Western Union , MoneyGram , PayPal
Packing︰antistatic bag+ bubble bag+retail package +shockproof foam box + carton box
Lead Time︰1 day can ship 1000pcs
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